Orthodontics is more than just forcing teeth into a better position with braces. Rather, orthodontics as a special field of dentistry includes all malfunctions and malpositions related to the jaw clench, the tooth position and the function of the jaw joints as well as their correction.
Not just an aesthetic issue

Crooked teeth are not just an aesthetic problem. On the contrary, misaligned teeth can lead to an unequal load on the jaw joints, which in turn can lead to other chronic complaints that make everyday life more difficult.

Furthermore, the spaces between crooked and overlapping teeth are difficult or impossible to clean, which in turn almost inevitably leads to caries and periodontitis and often to tooth loss.

Healthy, beautiful teeth bring self-confidence and success

An important reason to have misaligned teeth corrected is undoubtedly aesthetics. Beautiful, straight and healthy teeth strengthen self-confidence and are often an important factor for private and professional success. Even the shape of the face and sometimes the pronunciation is positively influenced by an orthodontic correction of misaligned teeth.

The sooner the better

Of course, it would be best to recognize any malpositioned teeth as early as possible in order to prevent their negative effects from having an impact in the first place. Therefore, in fact, most orthodontic treatments are started in children from the age of 9 years.

At this age, malpositions can be corrected much more easily and uncomplicatedly than in adulthood, because the bones have not yet solidified and the entire adult dentition is still developing.

Permanently correct misaligned teeth

Nevertheless, an experienced orthodontist can correct misaligned teeth very well and permanently, even in adults. There are a number of well-known misalignments that require treatment by an orthodontist.

The good news is that with a little patience and discipline, most misalignments can be corrected without surgery. Whether it’s an overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite, misaligned lines, tooth gaps or the opposite, crowding and overlapping, orthodontics can “put things right”.

Many ways lead to the result

There are a number of different techniques and tools to achieve this. What will be the popular treatment method in your specific case depends, as always, on the initial situation and the desired result.

After a detailed initial examination and questioning, certain facts can already be clearly determined. For example, some deformities are hereditary. So how we can best get your teeth in a row, what options and alternatives there are, how high the costs of the respective treatment will be and how long the treatment will probably take, we will explain together with you in a conversation.

On this basis, you can make the right decision for yourself, well informed and well-founded.

The result: a lifelong radiant smile with healthy teeth, freedom from pain and increased self-confidence.