Tooth veneers – DentalDesign veneers

Dental design describes a certain type of redesign of human teeth. There are many reasons why you want new teeth. Starting with dark teeth, which by no means meet the demands of today’s aesthetics, through crooked teeth to crowding, i.e. overlapping tooth positions, the reasons are as different as the people themselves.

Bad teeth can make you sick

«Bad» teeth that have been disfigured by accidents, worn down by bad habits or discolored as well as hereditary can seriously burden the psyche of the wearer and lead to malignant secondary diseases. In most cases, permanent relief is simple and painless. Coating the teeth with ceramic shells has proven very effective.

The most important thing: analysis and advice

How we help you to have a radiant smile, better self-esteem and more comfort in your daily life is determined by your wishes and the initial situation. After an initial inventory and a detailed preliminary discussion, we will explain the available options, their costs and the duration of the treatment together with you.

Are the roots of the teeth okay? Are teeth affected by tooth decay? What are the gums like? All these questions are at the beginning and must be clarified. Because it goes without saying that there is little point in nicely covering a tooth from the outside if the substance underneath is not in order. If there are unwanted misalignments, we will analyze together how we can correct them accordingly.

Dental cosmetics / Hollywood splint

A relatively simple but very effective improvement of the overall impression can often be achieved with the so-called Hollywood track. No intervention on your own teeth is necessary for this splint, but a perfect smile is put over your own teeth, which are not so perfect. However, this splint must be removed to eat and brush your teeth.

Dental design with veneers / ceramic tooth veneers

If you like something more durable and chic, you can achieve excellent results with veneers. Veneers are very thin ceramic plates that are often used in dental design and are practically glued to the tooth.

To ensure that the tooth retains its original thickness afterwards, we grind off a small amount of the tooth enamel. Just enough to give space for the veneers. These small veneers last for decades, are easy to care for and your tooth itself is completely preserved. Your old living tooth is still in place – it just got a new ceramic lining

In principle, the veneering with Lumineers works in the same way. However, these are so wafer-thin that they can simply be glued to the tooth without grinding off any of the enamel. If the root of the tooth or the gums are inflamed or damaged, we will treat them naturally beforehand.

Crowns are durable and aesthetic

If your tooth is a bit damaged overall and perhaps already has one or more fillings, the solution could be a partial or full crown. Here, too, your tooth will be preserved. We only grind away tooth substance all around and then later replace it with a kind of “hat”, the so-called crown.

In today’s dental design, these crowns are milled and fired directly from a 3D model in the computer, primarily from very special ceramics. Depending on the skills of the dental technician and the treating dentist, these cannot be distinguished from a real tooth in terms of structure, shape and color. And the dentist Jan D. Heiringhoff is simply great in this area!

The difference to a denture is that it is basically your tooth with its root. This can be done with damaged teeth for functional reasons and to preserve the tooth, as well as for aesthetic reasons with the front teeth or even with the entire dentition.

The result is flawless teeth in the previously selected shade.