Implantology refers to permanent dentures for lost teeth. The reason for the tooth loss plays a subordinate role. Whether due to an accident, illness or aging processes, individual missing teeth or entire rows of teeth can be restored permanently and aesthetically with the help of implants. Both the normal feeling of chewing and your radiant smile can be brought back permanently and wonderfully naturally with implants.

Healthier and more comfortable

The advantages of an implant are obvious. Gaps between teeth can be closed inconspicuously and independently. In contrast to bridges and other classic prosthetics, adjacent healthy teeth do not have to be ground down for holding devices and remain completely unaffected. You can’t see anything and her tooth is rock solid.

Implantology gives freedom

With an implant, our patients feel no difference in their daily lives. Neither when laughing, eating or speaking, nothing can slip or even fall out. The natural shape and proportions of the face are completely preserved or restored. Because a well-made implant differs from a real, natural tooth in principle neither in appearance nor in functionality.

We take our time

The treatment and implementation of a successful implantology requires a lot of care from the very first moment. That is why we take a lot of time for you in our practice. After detailed consultations, in which we analyze your situation and show you all the possibilities and different options, we create an individual treatment plan.

The course of treatment

We then use state-of-the-art technology to create a 3D scan of your bone to ensure that it can reliably support the implant. The bone may need to be regenerated or rebuilt. Then, in one session, we insert a new, artificial root, usually made of titanium, into the jawbone.

This grows permanently with the bone in a few weeks and forms the foundation for the tooth like a natural root. After the healing process and complete ingrowth in the bone, the new tooth can now be mounted on the root. Because from this point on, the artificial root gives your new tooth a permanent, firm hold.

A single tooth or the entire dentition

If the work is done properly, you can see and feel no difference to the other teeth. That is why dentures used through implantology look so absolutely natural. And that’s how it feels. And it doesn’t even matter whether just a single tooth or the entire set of teeth has been renewed. Of course, we also offer aftercare for your dental implants, advise you on care and hygiene, so that both the functionality and your smile are preserved in the long term.