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Welcome to SeaDent in Palma!

Here, a well-rehearsed, multilingual team (German, English, French, Spanish) of dentists together with oral hygienists and dental technicians offers complete dental care right in the center of Palma on Mallorca. The advantages for our patients: always optimal individual solutions, best accessibility and flexibility.

  • Root Canal Treatment - endodontology

    Especially in endodontology, specialist training, special devices (Intraoral Scanner) and many years of experience are of the utmost importance.

  • Aesthetic Dentistry / Veneers and Splints

    SeaDent takes care of the beauty of your teeth. A beautiful smile supports self-confidence and quality of life.


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Implantology refers to permanent dentures for lost teeth.

Dental design refers to a redesign of human teeth.

Prevent and prevent possible diseases such as periodontitis, bad breath or tooth decay.

Orthodontics is more than just forcing teeth into a better position with braces.

Oral surgery is any operational, i.e. surgical intervention in the oral cavity.

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic surgery) is a proven measure to save an infected tooth.


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    Pain and accidents that require an immediate dental examination are: Bleeding, e.g. after dental surgery has been performed Accidents: tooth fractures, jaw fractures. Feverish inflammations: jaw abscess (fat cheek), tooth nerve inflammation, etc. Certain dental problems do not require an emergency consultation: a lost crown or filling, a broken denture, or a painful denture. Painkillers are often sufficient here - if possible, come to our practice during normal office hours in these cases.

    At SeaDent 24h Dentist in Palma we treat your pain and we will help you in all cases and advise you. Of course, we first look for the cause of the pain and, if necessary, help you in an emergency with several treatments. Other dental topics, such as a check-up or a consultation, are not suitable for the emergency service consultation.

    Emergency Service: You are in pain - need an appointment at short notice?

    Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir können uns meistens noch am selben Tag um Ihren zahnärztlichen Notfall kümmern.


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    Thumb writes about SeaDent

    An article about SeaDent has now appeared at, presenting the business in an English report. The article appeared with the title “Jan D. Heiringhoff – Emergency Dentist Palma: The top dentist on Mallorca who is trusted by celebrities” and can be read under this link. © Photo:

    Thumb writes about SeaDent

    An article about SeaDent has now appeared in the blog of media-expert Jan-Christopher Sierks, Hamburg ( It is well known that a lot of travellers here on Mallorca suffer from toothache – and SeaDent can help. The article appeared on German and is online at © Photos: Daniel Frank, Unsplash

    Thumb writes about SeaDent

    An article about SeaDent and our dental emergency service in Mallorca has now appeared at For emergencies, we have a 24-hour telephone line available 365 days a year. It’s best to make a note right away: +34 603 31 96 48. The article appeared on German and can be read under this link. © […]